Thursday, October 24, 2013

Simpsons Tapped Out Addiction

I almost forgot about this blog.  If you look at the right side, my last post was sometime in 2010.  Oh my gosh!  That is quiet a long time I should say.

What made me remember of this is the game Simpsons Tapped out on my iphone that has really got me hooked up.  I mean, I spend so much time playing with it.  It's like some crazy addiction.  Although I would say that this game keeps me company especially when I am travelling like my last long trip in a train in Germany.

And now the new update.  I am so pumped up with the new Halloween update because even if I don't go out on Halloween parties, I still feel connected through this game... (oh my, I am such a loser... but who cares, its my life to enjoy).

So the new update is really made for the Halloween as you get to dress up your place with some scary and creepy buildings and decorations.  The sound and environment effect also creeps me out especially when I am playing at the night time.

Still it is very fun to play and yes, it keeps me occupied.

Lately I have been trying to investigate on some cheats and tricks to advance my game faster.  I did find out some cool ways to get free donuts and cash.  The bad side is, you have to have your device or iphone jailbroken or should be jailbreak for the mod to work.

Lucky me, I have an extra iphone to play with and I just cannot resist the idea of having unlimited donuts for my game.  Because I have spent a great deal of real money on in game purchases.  So yeah, the mod really works on my iphone 5.  I also read it also works on the new iOS7 so it works on iphone 5S and 5C as well. You can also read about trick and tips on simpsons tapped out and a cool software for unlimited donunts and cash at